Trusted Home Remodeling Services

We always carry out renovation works within the specified timelines, ensuring quality and taking care of the logistics of construction materials for your project. With our extensive experience, you can confidently entrust us with any renovation tasks, from dismantling structures and utilities to high-quality designer renovations.

We Have A Solution For Any Of Your Inquiries

We are proficient in various types of renovations, including:

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Living Areas
  • Whole House Remodels
  • Room Additions

Kitchen Remodeling

We have been involved in renovations for a long time, so our experience includes many satisfied clients whom we have helped with kitchen remodeling. Our success lies in effective communication, step-by-step planning, and partnerships with leading manufacturers of the best building materials in the USA. We will assist you in choosing a cost-effective option that fits your budget. It’s time to start renovating your kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom may seem like a challenge for those tackling it for the first time, but not for us. That’s why you should entrust your bathroom to professionals. We strive to ensure that nothing needs to be redone or modified. Our motto is to spend more time on discussion with clients rather than redoing things twice.

Home Additions

Expanding your space is always a good idea, and we will do everything to bring it to life. We carefully listen to your goals, requests, and desires. Based on that, further decisions will be made. We enjoy hearing your preferences and then witnessing your satisfaction with the long-awaited result. Try our service and see for yourself.


We will take measurements

A specialist will visit your house, take measurements, discuss requirements, and provide necessary consultations.

We will calculate the cost

Detailed cost estimation of the renovation, agreement on terms, and signing of the contract.

Material delivery

Ordering and delivery of all required construction materials to your place of residence.

Timely completion of renovation

We deliver quality renovation within the agreed timeline, without delays or surprises.

Our Service:

  • Selection and procurement of plumbing equipment and furniture, considering the specifics of completed renovations.
  • Development and approval of electronic projects.
  • Sourcing and procurement of materials for rough and finishing works.
  • Design and implementation of interior decor projects.
  • Author’s supervision during the implementation of landscaping projects.
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of houses and apartments after the completion of the improvement process.

A wide range of renovation works and services provides the best opportunity to anticipate and fulfill any customer’s wishes, while making positive changes to the technical condition of residential or commercial properties.

Our Reputation

The reputation of Armada Design & Build is its most valuable asset and undeniable competitive advantage. Our reputation has been built over decades, and its confirmation comes from every satisfied client, whose numbers continue to grow steadily.

Armada Design & Build is a company whose recipe for success consists of several key elements:


Meaningful discussions with clients allow us to understand their vision for the end result and deliver it with 100% accuracy and within short timeframes. For the sake of our clients, we achieve remarkable breakthroughs in modern construction, employing original methods to bring their architectural fantasies to life using durable materials.

Transparent Communication

Regular staff training and our employees’ commitment to professional growth have been noted by our satisfied customers. Our service is one of the most modern and sophisticated. Any negotiations with us involve professional business cooperation, where the client and their opinion are the main priorities.


We have never missed a deadline for completing a project. However, we may occasionally depend on suppliers. Even if a force majeure event delays the planned construction timeline, we will inform the client as early as possible, allowing them to plan their time effectively. We strive to minimize delays and continuously exceed our own standards, maintaining professionalism at a high work pace, aiming to complete the project strictly within the agreed-upon timeframe so that you can start living in your new home as planned.

Contact Us

We thoroughly enjoy hearing your ideas and preferences. We’re prepared to help with any inquiries or issues you may have. Feel free to give us a call or request a quote, and let’s commence crafting plans for your home!