Does your home no longer reflect your style and needs? Many homeowners feel limited by their current living space. If your house doesn’t fit your lifestyle, it’s time to consider home remodeling.

A full house remodeling gives an opportunity to create a space that fits functional needs, with no need to move to a new location. At Armada Design & Build, we create customized home renovations based on your preferences. From a new design to new flooring and cabinetry, our team can help bring your dream home to life.

No more outdated or ill-suited living space! Don’t let yourself feel trapped in a home that no longer serves you. Let’s work together to create a home that is functional, beautiful, and truly yours.

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Full House Remodeling In Seattle

At Armada Design & Build Inc., we understand that a full house remodeling project can be an overwhelming undertaking. That’s why our team of experts is dedicated to making the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. With years of experience in the industry, we have the skills and knowledge to transform your entire home into a space that meets your unique needs and lifestyle.

Our full house remodeling services include everything from kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations to home additions and whole-house remodels. Whether you’re looking to update your outdated living spaces, add more square footage, or completely redesign your home, our team is here to help. We’ll work closely with you to understand your vision and goals for the project, and then develop a customized plan that meets your budget and timeline.

Our team of designers, architects, and contractors are committed to delivering the highest quality workmanship and attention to detail. We use only the best materials and the latest technology to ensure your home remodeling project is completed to your satisfaction. With Armada Design & Build Inc., you can trust that your full house remodeling project is in the hands of experts who are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started on your dream home.

How it works?

With Armada Design & Build Inc. approach, your house remodeling is a great chance to transform your living space and make your home more functional, beautiful, and valuable.

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    Free consultation

    Contact us to discuss your house remodeling project, what changes you want to make, and what the finished home should look like.

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    Planning and budgeting

    We'll create a plan and budget for the project. It includes estimating the costs for materials, labor, and any necessary permits or inspections.

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    The construction includes building permits, demolition, structural changes, installing new framing, electrical and plumbing systems, etc.

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    Finishing and inspection

    The finishing work and inspection will help to ensure your new home is completed, complies with all codes and regulations, and meets your expectations.

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